Our work during Covid-19

It’s no secret that teachers are resourceful,resilient, and amazing.

Covid-19 has hit schools, educators and families hard. Students want to be with their teachers. Teachers want to be with their students. In St. Paul Public Schools, students are engaged in distance learning. Their needs have not changed. Teachers are using technology for lessons and the good old US Postal Service to send a note, a letter, a small care package to connect with students.

Thanks for your support over the years. You’ve made it possible for us to support Maxfield students and teachers for more than 15 years. And we’re not done yet.

Because we’re not spending money for field trips and visiting artists, we’re giving money directly to our teaching staff for things they need to make teaching from a distance more effective. You can help that effort by attending the Sale of the Season or making a gift directly to Nettie & Friends. (Oh, there is no need to wait for the sale if you’re sending us a monetary gift!)

Welcome to Nettie & Friends

Here at Nettie & Friends, Inc. we believe an enriched education is the key to student success.

We work to make sure teachers have the basic supplies and materials they need to teach as effectively as they can. It is our fundamental goal.

We address first things first: school supplies, a well-stocked uniform closet, backpacks, and warm winter clothing.

When these needs are met, Nettie & Friends enables students to explore and experience other opportunities like visiting a cave, getting up close and personal with an eagle or a tankful of fish, writing and publishing a book, expanding personal creativity with a guest artist, author or musician.