Teachers (singly or in groups) can ask Nettie & Friends for a grant to buy special supplies (butterfly kits), take a field trip, invite a writer or artist to spend a week or so in residence. Or anything else they might feel . . . . . For instance . . .

The Fish Came to School

Instead of taking Maxfield students on a field trip to Underwater World, the fish and sea creatures came to Maxfield School. Students could watch the starfish, touch a sea creature and tickle a crab. Thanks to your donations Nettie & Friends brought this great experience to twice as many students as we would have taken on a field trip to the Mall of America.

Gingerbread Houses

Who in their right mind would turn a bunch of kindergarten students loose with graham crackers, pots of frosting and a lot of candy pieces?

Teachers at Maxfield, that’s who.


Each year classrooms full of budding house builders construct an actual, if small, house. The fact they usually eat a few of the building materials only enhances their experience.