We love volunteers!

If anything below interests you please reach out to us at NettieAndFriends@gmail.com


Sale of the Season

  • Use your crafting skills
  • Work at the sale
  • Bring people to the sale

Private Events

  • Craft sale parties
  • Get to know Nettie & Friends

Board Service

We’re always looking for people to serve on our board of directors. You can put your skills and experiences to use as the board determines how Nettie & Friends can best serve the students, teachers and administrators at Maxfield. The board meets an average of five times a year. If you’re interested, please contact us.

Write for the Website

You can put your writing skills to use taking notes from teachers about field trips, student experiences and helping with the website.

Work with Students

Mentor Students

If you want to work directly with an individual student or even a group of students, you should contact Maxfield School. They will talk with you about what you want to do, train you and set you up with a meaningful opportunity. Please call at 651-293-8680.

Chaperone Field Trips

Again, you’ll need to contact Maxfield School and they will help you find an event. Please call at 651-293-8680.