We think teachers know a lot more than we do about what their students need to enhance their learning experiences. (They are pretty much our “Super Heros” when it comes to working with Maxfield students as you can see from this photo.)

And then there is the school’s Uniform Closet . . .

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Annual Teacher & Specialist Support

Teachers have enough paperwork in their professional lives, so we want them to be able to get school supplies, special equipment and other small resources for their classrooms without a lot of the rig-a-ma-role.

Some of those things they need are pretty routine (markers, pencils, art paper), many are pretty inexpensive, but if a teacher thinks it will help students, we want the teacher to have it.

That’s why every year we set aside a fund we call Teacher and Specialist Support. Staff can use their annual allotment for whatever they want as long as it benefits their students and classrooms. They don’t ask permission and we don’t second guess them. All we ask is that whatever they buy benefits their students and their learning experience. And we set a limit on that fund depending on how much money is available in our budget.

Crew BBoard.jpg

A teacher buys tissue paper, glue, and paint brushes. Then, imagination sets sail, and a classroom of individual students becomes a crew – a community working together toward the goal of everyone excelling and leaving no one behind. You help that happen.

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New Teacher Support

When a classroom teacher is new to a school, there are always things he or she needs as the school year begins. Knowing that, Nettie & Friends gives each of those teachers “school start-up” funds so than can buy some of those extras they need for their classroom.

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Uniform Closet

What do these boring tubs of clothes have to do with anything?

N&F--MAX Uniforms.jpg

Maxfield has one of the highest rates of homeless students in the district. Through your support, we maintain a uniform closet so every student is ready for the school day.

At the beginning of the school year, parents can “shop” for uniform pants and shirts. We also provide clean underwear and socks, because, sometimes, the unexpected happens and a student needs a change of clothes at school.

Shoes in gym.jpg

And it isn’t just uniforms, underwear and socks. Nettie & Friends also provides gently worn tennis shoes that may be used on a check-out basis to make sure every student can participate in their phyiscal education class each day.