Message from the Founder, Nettie Monroe

All those years ago, when I stitched and sold a bunch of potholders so we could buy milk for our kindergarten kids, I had no idea that we would be able to do all the things we’ve done for Maxfield students.

We didn’t think about field trips to see nature centers and caves, about book fairs or sponsoring the school patrol. We never thought we’d provide materials for science experiments for young learners or phy ed equipment (and tennis shoes) so kids can play and learn in the gym. We certainly didn’t think eagles would come to our school.

But we’ve done all that and helped to build strong bodies along with strong minds.

And you, our wonderful donors, volunteers, and shoppers make it possible. You come to our annual “Sale of the Season,” listen to our teacher and student stories and make generous gifts of time, talent and, yes, money.

We’re in our 16th year and still going strong. There’s still a need, so we’re committed to continuing to bring the story of Maxfield Elementary to you and to help you be a part of educating students in a school with many challenges, but many successes as well.
Nettie J. Monroe
Founder, Nettie & Friends

Nettie Monroe taught special education at Maxfield from 1986 – 2016. She retired from teaching but not from helping Maxfield students. She continues to lead the board of directors, engage artists to contribute to the Sale of the Season, and to work with teachers and school staff to make sure Nettie & Friends responds to student and staff needs.